“Aquaculture is the fastest growing food production sector in the world,
growing at 7-8% a year globally” – Cheryl Dahle (Future of Fish)

Collaborative Innovation

Our prawn farming model uses land-based Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology developed in close collaboration with experienced industry practitioners and our academic partners.

Clean and Green

Our innovative bio-filtration system developments will ensure nearly all of our wastewater is biologically remediated and suitable for reuse within our future RAS facilities.

Incomparable Freshness

Great British Prawns Ltd can deliver our prawns to your table within hours of harvest, considerably reducing our carbon footprint whilst maximising product quality.


Our production model is designed for maximum sustainability through the use of renewable energy and waste streams.

The distance most farmed shrimp travel to reach the UK's markets
The amount of seafood consumed per person in the world each year .
Projected annual global growth in prawn aquaculture

Aquaculture needs to double in size over the next decade to keep pace with demand.

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation

Overfishing, mismanagement of crucial feeding grounds and unsustainable farming methods are threatening fish stocks and the long-term supply of fish to market.

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation

Aquaculture is currently the fastest expanding global animal food production sector and is a key future contributor to food security.

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation