Great British Prawns’ aim is to provide customers with a consistent, readily available supply of fresh, premium-quality locally grown King Prawns directly from the farm.

The farm we’ve developed is a world-first, giving the UK access for the first time to a local supply of environmentally friendly and, above all, delicious fresh King Prawns.

Using world-leading technology that minimises our impact on the environment and maximises animal welfare and efficiency, our production facility in central Scotland will be able to deliver fresh King Prawns harvested that day within a few hours’ drive of the farm.


By 2050 it is estimated that the global population will have increased to 9.2 billion people. The UN states that global aquaculture needs to double in size in the next decade to keep pace with the rising demand for quality protein (source: UN’s Food & Agriculture Organisation).

Over-fishing, the mismanagement of crucial feeding grounds and unsustainable farming methods are threatening the environment, many fishery stocks and the long-term supply of farmed fish and seafood to the global market.


To help overcome these challenges, Great British Prawns has developed a sustainable production model for locally grown, premium quality fresh seafood.

Using our world-first cutting-edge clean water Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) and some of the best minds in aquaculture, Great British Prawns has created a system that produces fresh and delicious produce in a truly sustainable way.  Our clean water recirculating farm means we never have to use antibiotics, pesticides or vaccines.